What to Expect

We can never promise that we will get you a new job. However, we will try to deliver an exceptional experience.

Everyone at Integra has been a candidate at some stage. Most of us found the experience less than totally rewarding. We are constantly reminded of the need to avoid some of the negative experiences that are too often associated with a job search. We will be aiming to place you in the right role. We want to see you in a role that is a good match with your skills, experience and ambitions.

After you register with us, we will

  • Add you to our databank in order to match your background and qualifications with current and future opportunities.
  • Always act in a confidential and professional manner and aim to provide you with an exceptional experience.
  • Act as an intermediary between you and our clients to facilitate the hiring process.
  • Never disclose your details to another party, including clients, without your express permission.

Typically, if we receive 100 applications, 50 will meet the basic requirements and around 10 will have those requirements at a superior level.

We phone screen the ten, interview five, refer three and offer one. Please do not feel wronged if we say no. It is quite difficult for us to outline everything we are looking for in a 200 word advertisement or a few minutes on the phone.

We want to see you in the right job. If we say that we will keep you on file, we mean it. Do not be discouraged. A negative response is only in relation to one position.
Stay in touch with Integra and don’t be afraid to throw your hat in the ring for other roles.

Check out some of our current jobs, or just register to make sure we know about you for when your ideal job comes up.

If we don’t meet your expectations; please tell us. We will feel terrible about your feedback, but we will respond. Feel free to call us and let us know what ever negative or positive vibe you have towards us.