What We Provide

At  Integra , we understand that each organization is unique. For this reason, we tailor our processes to suit your needs.

In addition to permanent, temporary and contract recruitment services, we also provide a range of sophisticated recruitment and workforce management models.

Our full range of workforce services and solutions include:

  • Recruitment Solutions.
  • Payroll Services.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
  • Custom staffing solution.
  • Administration


Recruitment Solutions

With our experience and the extensive understanding of the business procedures covering the local, regional, national or international market aspects, we work with a global perspective. Our multifaceted team of consultants has gained expertise in offering recruitment solutions across various domains, including:

Hospitality, Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Financial Services & Consulting, Banking & Insurance, Facility Management, BPO & KPO, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Media, Advertising & Communication, Retailing, Automobile, Consumer & Services, Power & Energy, Manufacturing & Processes, Infrastructure & Non for Profit.

with the passion to excel through committed research helps us in achieving the unbridled zenith in consistently being able to produce successful executive search results.


Payroll Services

Integra provide a comprehensive full-outsourced processing of payroll, leave and claims for businesses of all sizes. From the calculation and preparation of monthly payroll, to the administration of the pay-out to staff, CPF payments and the filing of year-end income taxes; to the administering employees’ leave and expense claims, you are well taken care of by our customer service-team.

At the same time are provided with a state-of-the-art integrated I.T. system for you and your staff to access anywhere, anytime to download pays lips and tax forms, and make leave applications and business claims submissions. We also give you our HRIS (Human Resource Information System) module to enable your staff management administration to be more systematic and organized.

Leave the increasingly challenging hassles of payroll administration, tax filing, changes in CPF rules and regulations and the like with us. We do all the calculations, processing, and regulatory change monitoring for you. You basically only have to give us your instructions for any changes or amendments where necessary. Once you have approved all relevant payroll reports, we then proceed to make payments to your staff accordingly.

We thus take away the stress and time-consuming work from you, allowing you to focus on the more productive aspects of your business. We emphasize on providing you with a high level of dedicated personal service emphasizing accuracy of data processing, punctuality of administration, and security of information.