Executive Search

As Asia’s leading executive search company, we strive to deliver our solutions to discerning clients through a combination of these 4 approaches for any search assignment:

  • Extensive Networking
  • Database Search
  • Systematic Head-hunting
  • Placing Ads (Job Portals, Newspaper Etc)

Extensive Networking:

With a vast network that has the intricate contacts of all industries, our team of recruitment consultants are enabled with an executive search roadmap that produces a list of potential candidates effortlessly. This greatly improves the chances of success through the contacting of only relevant candidates with trusted parties serving as their references.

Database File Search:

With a concrete business establishment that spans years of successful operations, we have accumulated an enormous database of resume records that match the prerequisites of our clients. Much of these records are proprietary to us due to the trustworthiness we have assured and gained from our candidates, prompting their willingness to input their
credentials onto our database.

Advertised Selection:

This approach casts a greater net to attract a wider array of prospective candidates aspiring for new career challenges. Much like any other form of advertising or marketing, job adverting is the ‘pull’ that attracts Job Seekers to job vacancies they feel they may be well suited to. By advertising our client’s staffing needs; candidates may be able to identify with requirements of the role whereby their own specific career objectives correspond to that of the advertised vacancy.

Systematic Headhunting:

Our Specialized recruitment consultants conduct a systematic head hunt for talented individuals from related industries: sharing and presenting to them the opportunities, challenges and excitements of the assignments. In another words, plausible reasons to consider a career switch. Equipped with the experience, we have the know-how in reaching out to them as well as tools to access candidates to uncover their motivations, goals and aspirations.