Foreigners and non-residents must acquire a valid Work Pass before they can be employed in Singapore. Employers who hire foreigners or non-residents without a valid Work Pass will be infringing the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act and can be prosecuted. The types of Work Passes that are granted by the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) are based on different income levels, qualifications and specific criteria.

Solutions for Corporate Clients

Integra manages the entire Work Pass Application process for our corporate clients. It is an end to end process from client’s first work instruction to the collection of the Work Pass. Our proven and structured work process enables our clients to free up their workforce for morestrategicandcriticalmatters.

Our process provides your organization with the greatest flexibility. We design and customize the work process according to client’s needs. A typical work process for Work Visa processing would be:

  • Administrative Support for Staffing Needs,Resumes Screening and Selection, Recruitment
  • New Hire Processing
    • Preparation of Offer Letter
    • Orientation of New Hire
  • HR Benefits Administration
  • Leave Management
  • Personnel File Management / Updates
  • Employee Exit Management
  • Accommodation Search for Expatriates
HR Administration

HR Administration


  • Application of industrial classification who are employing foreign workers for the first time.
  • Application for in-principle approval (IPA) for work permit ‘WP’, skilled pass ‘Spass’ or employment pass ‘EP.
  • Arrangement in purchase of $5000 security bond and $15000 Medical Insurance.
  • Transportation for the candidates from Changi airport to their quarters.
  • Arrangement for Medical check-up for the candidates.
  • Arrangement for the candidates to register at the work pass service centre ‘WPSC’ for thumb print.
  • Assist the employer in locating suitable and acceptable lodging for the candidates.
  • To give full support and advise in solving any unforeseen problems throughout the period of employment.
  • Repatriation of workers upon expiry or termination of the employment agreement.
  • Assist in booking of air ticket.
  • Free replacement of workers when require.
  • Other administrative matters pertaining to Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) so long as workers are in employment with the employer.