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HR Solutions

Business Services

At  Integra , we understand that each organization is unique. For this reason, we tailor our processes to suit your needs. Our company specializes in supporting the human capital of your organization at all times, yet we still take a step further and develop and implement HR solutions to help your business grow.

In addition to permanent, temporary and contract recruitment services, we also provide a range of sophisticated recruitment and workforce management models.
Our full range of workforce services and solutions include:

  • Recruitment Solutions.
  • Payroll Services
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
  • Custom staffing solution.
  • Administration.


Recruitment Solutions

With our experience and the extensive understanding of the business procedures covering the local, regional, national or international market aspects, we work with a global perspective. Our multifaceted team of consultants has gained expertise in offering recruitment solutions across various domains, including:

Hospitality, Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Financial Services & Consulting, Banking & Insurance, Facility Management, BPO & KPO, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Media, Advertising & Communication, Retailing, Automobile, Consumer & Services, Power & Energy, Manufacturing & Processes, Infrastructure & Non for Profit.

with the passion to excel through committed research helps us in achieving the unbridled zenith in consistently being able to produce successful executive search results.


Payroll Services

Integra provide a comprehensive full-outsourced processing of payroll, leave and claims for businesses of all sizes. From the calculation and preparation of monthly payroll, to the administration of the pay-out to staff, CPF payments and the filing of year-end income taxes; to the administering employees’ leave and expense claims, you are well taken care of by our customer service-team.

At the same time are provided with a state-of-the-art integrated I.T. system for you and your staff to access anywhere, anytime to download pays lips and tax forms, and make leave applications and business claims submissions. We also give you our HRIS (Human Resource Information System) module to enable your staff management administration to be more systematic and organized.

Leave the increasingly challenging hassles of payroll administration, tax filing, changes in CPF rules and regulations and the like with us. We do all the calculations, processing, and regulatory change monitoring for you. You basically only have to give us your instructions for any changes or amendments where necessary. Once you have approved all relevant payroll reports, we then proceed to make payments to your staff accordingly.

We thus take away the stress and time-consuming work from you, allowing you to focus on the more productive aspects of your business. We emphasize on providing you with a high level of dedicated personal service emphasizing accuracy of data processing, punctuality of administration, and security of information.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Organizations who select a Full Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution do so for several reasons:

  • Reduced Cost.
  • Focus on Business Goals/Core Competencies.
  • Increased Quality/Compliance.

Integra’s RPO solution includes the following:

  • Dedicated service team during the partnership.
  • Access to scalable resources to meet business needs during spikes in volume.
  • Client ownership of candidates and candidate data.
  • Expert data-driven program management.
  • Experienced implementation team skilled in change management, solution design, and training.
  • Extensive reporting and analysis customized to your business needs.
  • Service Level Agreement/KPI Reporting & Management.


Custom Staff Solutions

Integra appreciates uniqueness of organizational problems and the need for tailor-made solutions that are in line
with the company philosophy and strategies. Our clients include leading multinational companies, Asia’s largest business groups, professionally managed specialized middle-sector and smaller niche companies.

The industries serviced range from engineering, construction, marine, consumer, chemical & petro-chemical, FMCG, software and information technology, business process out-sourcing & off-shoring, electronics & telecom, financial & banking services, insurance, infra-structure, etc.

If you are setting up new projects in Singapore or any other countries, we can take up the entire responsibility for project recruitment including working out manpower needs in accordance with industry norms and practices, profiling the jobs/positions, advising on compensation structuring (with a compensation survey or without it),advise regarding government regulations on minimum wages, employment conditions, etc. and help with out-sourcing.


Foreigners and non-residents must acquire a valid Work Pass before they can be employed in Singapore. Employers who hire foreigners or non-residents without a valid Work Pass will be infringing the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act and can be prosecuted. The types of Work Passes that are granted by the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) are based on different income levels, qualifications and specific criteria.

Solutions for Corporate Clients

Integra manages the entire Work Pass Application process for our corporate clients. It is an end to end process from client’s first work instruction to the collection of the Work Pass. Our proven and structured work process enables our clients to free up their workforce for more strategic and critical matters.

Our process provides your organization with the greatest flexibility. We design and customize the work process according to client’s needs. A typical work process for Work Visa processing would be:

  • Administrative Support for Staffing Needs,Resumes Screening and Selection, Recruitment
  • New Hire Processing
    • Preparation of Offer Letter
    • Orientation of New Hire
  • HR Benefits Administration
  • Leave Management
  • Personnel File Management / Updates
  • Employee Exit Management
  • Accommodation Search for Expatriates